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    Placement of layout containers on a dashboard

    Becky Logan

      I seem to be the only person who has difficulty with this. Standardly, I need to place four charts on a dashboard - 2 by 2 with a title at the top. I usually struggle for at least 15 minutes trying out adding vertical containers with horizontal containers within them or horizontal ones with vertical ones within them, or simply two vertical containers and try to add 2 charts to each one - I can usually get 3 placed but I can't get the 4th one into the second vertical container. Eventually, it works but it takes forever and I wish I knew the SECRET. I see no tutorials on this - no forums about this problem. I'm on 6.0.7.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Becky,


          I wish there was some secret that I could reveal for you! If you're trying to put two worksheets side by side on the top of the dashboard and two worksheets side by side on the bottom of the dashboard, I would recommend using two Horizontal containers. Place the first one on a blank dashboard. Then, add your two worksheets. When dragging the second sheet into the container, a black line will appear to the far right or left of the container to determine which side of the container it will be in. Then, add the second horizontal container. Drag it below the previous container, again a black bold line will appear to show it is at the end of the other container. Then, drop the worksheets in as described above.


          Hope this helps a little bit!