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    View of source table for sorting

    Nathan Schofield



      I want to include as a tab in my visualisation a view of the source data as it appears in the source table. I also want to be able to sort by any of the numeric values in that data and be able to use filters to see certain data.


      I have made a duplicate of the datasource and inserted many pills. One issue is that there is a max number of pills I can insert even if I change the limit. Secondly, I have trouble sorting on my values using this method.


      Is there a quick way that I can have a permanent view of this, use filters, and sort on any values?





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          Russell Christopher

          As you've discovered, one can only add up to 16 distinct columns to a Tableau crosstab.


          Your best bet is to include some sort of text in your viz / dashboard which tells users they can open up our browse dialog (via "View Data") and let them browse / sort there.


          Unless you create some sort of web-page based datagrid which shows the data, and then embed THAT web page in a Tableau dashboard, you won't be able to accomplish this (include a "browse data" dialog appear as a sheet in the workbook).


          Good luck!

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            Nathan Schofield

            Hello Russell,


            Unfortunately that does not achieve what I am after. If I instruct users to click on the 'View Data' they cannot filter.


            Is there any other way to achieve this in Tableau?