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    Market Share Analysis - Part of a Whole

    Kevin Hogan

      Market Share.jpgI am trying to create a sheet that has a week to week view of market share for different retailers.  I have attached an image below (not sure I can pass the data from the work book in whole).  The idea is to have the gray line at the top stay the same, it is a count of all the total sales for all of the retailers.  The goal would be to be able to filter that line by other fields like product category or brand and then have a filter that affects just what brands show up on the market share. 

      For example:  Let's say I want to select a different brand so the sales line will look different (lets say drop 10K units or so).  I want the percent of total the retailers have to change too.  Then if I want to eliminate retailer 1 and 2 and just see the lines for 3-10 I can.  I can try and dummy up the workbook to help and I'll clarify wherever necessary.

      The objective is to show market share of each retailer.  The selecting and unselecting of retailers can help simplify the graph.