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    Refresh a report that uses Tableau Server Data Source

    Amer Ghanem

      I have a Tableau Server Data Source that is scheduled to refresh on the server every Sunday at 10pm. I have also created another report on my local desktop that uses the same Tableau Server Data Source. Every week, I have to edit a parameter in my report, and push the new one to the server.

      I had to publish my new report to the server for other users to use, and I am having a difficulty understanding the process of refreshing the data source VS. the report.


      Is it the case that every time I edit the parameter in the report, I have to get the latest extract from the server (which takes about an hour) and then publish my report again? Because, assuming that I don't have to do any changes to my report, it doesn't seem that the report gets the latest data after the data source gets refreshed every Sunday at 10pm.


      Any guidance on this will be really appreciated.