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    How do I get Tableau to see SQL database engines (or instances) on my network?

    William Weaver

      I need some help getting Tableau to see active SQL database engines (or instances) running on Window-based servers attached to my network. Here is my setup: a MacBook Pro 13" with Snow Leopard installed on the primary drive and Windows 7 installed on the boot camp partition. I switch seamlessly between the two environments using the latest version of Parallels (Build 7.0.15106 (Revision 786747; August 3, 2012)). While my locally installed copy of MS SQL Server 2005 w/Service Pack 4 has no problem seeing and accessing remotely hosted databases on different servers, Tableau can only see my local SQL instance. I welcome any and all suggestions on resolving Tableau's SQL blindness.


      Thanks - William.

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          William Weaver

          After some additional research, I found the following solution in a posting on social.msdn.microsoft.com:



          If the server path starts with \\ the client stack assumes the connection is intended over Named Pipes, which requires the full pipe name specification, which is not the case in the above example, hence, the error "Invalid parameter(s) found".

          The solution depends on whether the SQL Server is installed as a "default" or a "named" instance:

          (1) For a default instance: specify the server by either (a) the server's machine name only (no \\ or \), or (b) the server machine's IP address only (again, no \\ or \).

          (2) For a "named" instance:

          -  specify the server as either (a) machineName\instanceName, or (b) ipAddress\instanceName.  Note that if you installed the Express edition it is installed as named instance with name SQLEXPRESS by default.

          - grant firewall expection for the sqlservr.exe processes.

          - start SQL Browser service on the server's machine.

          - grant firewall expection for the sqlbrowser.exe processes.



          Since I was trying to access a named instance, all I had to do was remove the "\\"from the machine name\named instance I entered into the Step 1 field in the Microsoft SQL Server connection box in Tableau in order to make a successful connection between Tableau and the remote SQL Server database engine.


          Thanks --- William