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    Force MIN & MAX x-axis values on histogram

    John Liska

      I created a histogram to track the count of items at various price points. (See image below.) I did this manually; I did not use the "Show Me" feature to create this. My bin size is 0.05 (i.e., 5 cents). The resulting histogram is great, shows me exactly what I need within the range of existing values, including cases where the count is 0.


      The issue is that I would like to:

      1. Force the MIN of the histogram to 0. (The first value currently is in the 1.00-1.05 range.)

      2. Force the MAX of the histogram to 25. (The last value currently is in the 10.25-10.30 range.)


      Is there a way to do this with bins and/or histograms that does not involve a large CASE statement? Thanks.