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    shifting data to plot on same axis

      For a given year i have data in this format

      IDsalary increaseProjected next yearyear



      this comes from a survey where respondents are asked what the average increase in salary was for the current year and what they project the increase will be for the next year. I have data from many years and would like to plot the average increases from respondents by year.


      I want to plot them as line graphs where the projected salary is lined up with the actual increase for the correct year.


      ie. in 2011 i want the point plotted for avg(salary increase) where year = 2011 but then i want avg(projected next year)  where year = 2010 so I can compare how close projected is compared to actual.


      attached is a sample of the data. Also I am getting an odd occurance where when i place year as a  dimension in the column shelf and both salary increases in the row shelf it wont let me plot a line graph, just bar