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    Tableau Server workbook connected to Excel in Sharepoint not refreshing

    Tim Latendress

      Either this is a configuration issue or a bug -- not sure.


      My project consists of me creating a Tableau workbook from an Excel file stored on Sharepoint and then publishing that workbook to Tableau Server. There is another department updating the Excel workbook on Sharepoint. The theory being that when the users open the Tableau Server views it will update with the current data from the Excel file on Sharepoint -- keeping me out of the loop.


      And so I created a Tableau workbook from a direct connection to an Excel file posted to Sharepoint 2010. I made sure to use the DNS naming recommended by others here. In desktop, if the data in the worksheet is changed, I can simply refresh and the latest data appears.  However, after I publish the workbook to Tableau Server there is nothing I can do to refresh the data.


      Is there a permissions issue from Tableau Server to Sharepoint?  We tested that by placing an Excel file in an unsecured Sharepoint folder and the issue still occurs.  Or is this possible a bug?


      We are using Tableau 7.0.6 and Sharepoint 2010.  Thanks for any help you can give.


      -- Tim