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    Tableau Server on Godaddy dedicated virtual server

    Boris Bakhvalov



      We are testing Tableau server on virtual Godaddy dedicated server. Yesterday we had an issue on the server due to Tableau.  The server had to be rebooted and some network config changes had to be made on Tableau Server.  I'm enclosing the explanation from Godaddy:


      Dear ......,

      Thank you for contacting Server Support.

      In regards to your virtual dedicated server ......:

      Upon review of your last response, it appears you would like some clarification as to what was causing your issue.  You currently have a customized application on your server TableauServer services software which is causing issues when it starts.  This application is updating the network configuration settings on your server which is then disallowing a Remote Desktop Connection(RDC).  We have taken steps of disabling this service, and resetting the Network Adapter settings which then allows us to connect to RDC.  If this application software is enabled, when you reboot the server, it causes the changes I mentioned previously.  If you want your application to stop making changes to the Network Adapter/Stack.  The changes that we needed to make to your server in order to once again allow a connection through RDC are as followed:

      Changes Made:
      1. Tableau Server (tabsvc) - Service set to Manual and Stopped
      2. tablicsrv - Services set to Manual and Stopped
      3. Network 2 set from Private to Public
      4. Ran the below two commands to reset the lan and winsock
      netsh winsock reset
      netsh interface set interface name="Local Area Connection" admin=ENABLED

      You would want to contact the designers/developers of this software and have them assist you with configuration so it will not attempt to make further updates to your Network Adapter.  As this is a 3rd party software, we would be unable to assist you with troubleshooting or resolving this issue as it is outside of the scope of our support.

      We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. Please contact us if you have any further issues.



      Is it really Tableau Server had changed some virtual server configuration. We appreciate anybody's help who had experience with Godaddy.