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    Behavior of axis scaling with lines and multiple dimensions

    Charles Firkins

      I am trying to understand why when I change the filter criteria to include or exclude an item contained in a dimension that the scales for existing items change.


      I am using "real" data and have not been able to reproduce the issues with "sanitized" data that I can share yet - I'm still working on it.


      Basically I have several "metricNames" with "metricValues" that I am displaying in a simple gridded line chart (8x4 grid)  I have a 0-100 scale item (meaning for all values with a constant "metricName" the range of "metricValues" goes from 0 - 100).  When I have the metricName filtered for this item (which I'll call item A) the scale goes from 0-100 and I can see the level of detail I want.  When I alter the filter to both include item A and item B things get interested.  Now metricName is the last of 4 "blue" pills  on the rows and is set to filter with checkboxes.  When I include items that have much larger scales (-1,000 to 1,000) then the scale for item A is compressed - even though no new data is present.


      If you have ideas I'd like to hear them, and I'll continue to try and sanitize a dataset to illustrate the issue.