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    Publishing to server and display changes

    Julia Hennelly

      Hope someone can help here and quickly as I have a presentation tomorrow - how is that as a way to start a question.  I have a workbook formatted exactly as I would like it and it looks great, I publish to the Tableau server and it looks terrible.  Some worksheets all scrunched up.  Furthermore I can not resize worksheets on the Web.  So how do I format it so it looks good on the server.  I have 12 worksheets on the main dashboard - I have no other choice.  I am presenting this tomorrow morning so any help would be much appreciated.  I need to demo on the Web as linking to it from powerpoint.  All great functionality but no good if one can not read the data!


      Thanks in advance for any help,



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          Russell Christopher

          Help me, and make if fast! Love it!


          I would guess that your problem is that you're allowing the dashboard to resize itself dynamically based on how much "real estate" there is to show the information - and there's probably a difference between desktop & the browser.


          Try setting a specific size on the dashboard by editing the size, and then choosing an exact size.


          ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 02 18.05.gif


          Good luck with your presentation!

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            Julia Hennelly

            Thank you that was useful and is fine for this presentation where I know what machine and display I am using although I have not tested with the infocus machine quite yet.  However how can one publish to the Web and have it format correctly when it is going to be viewed by users on a variety of machines.  I want the dashboard to look the best it can depending on the machine.  I do not like it being scrunched but could live with that IF the user could drag and resize worksheets so they can read the information but they do not seem able to do that.


            I am wondering how organizations really use the Tableau Web server as I am not sure with this display issue we can actually use it in our organization.