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    How can one create a stacked bar by product type with each stack being a measure (e.g. target vs. actual)

      The data is currently set up in a table such that Target and Actual are two separate measures. Product Type is a dimension. So for each line item, you would have a product type, target revenue, and actual revenue.


      The goal is to create two side by side stacked bar charts, stacked by product type. The stacked bar on the left would be target, the stacked bar on the right would be actual.


      I've tried doing this but so far have been unsuccessful. I put the Product Type dimension in the "Color" and the two measures in the "Rows" but what results is two stacked bar charts (as I'd like) but displayed vertically - the Actual is a chart and below it is the same chart for target. What I'd like is for them to be next to each other (as stacked bar charts are typically displayed), and if possible, a dotted line connecting each category to better visualize the mix.


      Example below: