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    How do i change the order of columns in exported data from a published tableau workbook via tableau server.

      I have a workbook which uses a MS SQL connection. I have organized my query and sorted the columns in my query itself.



      My Query fetches the data and displays it like this. The order of columns as they are returned by sql query is like this


      Name , Assignee , Modified Date , Description , Time


      The same format is used in Tableau workbook itself. Its a discreet report. I am not creating any graphs or anything , its simply a table kind of report. The order of columns as mentioned above is exactly the same in workbook too.


      But when i publish the workbook to my tableau server and then use the Data option while viewing the workbook in my browser. The data that gets exported has a different order of columns. And the next pop up window which shows the data also has columns re ordered.


      Assignee, Description, Modified Data, Name , Time



      i am trying to figure out how to maintain the order of columns that i have specified in my report.


      Can anyone help me out with this. Does anything needs to be done in the Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server ?

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