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    unable to display view

    Rich Chen



      Some of our users keep getting an error "unable to display view for the sheet "SheetName".  The Sheet is invalid" This seems to be an intermittent, yet persistent error that keeps popping up on their screens.  We are unable to recreate this error on our end, and are not sure what is the cause for this error.  Any insight or thoughts that could be shared would be greatly appreciated.





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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Rich,


          In the past, this issue has occurred under one of the following circumstances:


          1. The underlying data changed and a field referenced in the view was no longer available (name change, removed, etc.). In this scenario, the user had created a calculated field against a field that was accessed on their Tableau Desktop machine as a string and the calculated field worked fine. When published to Tableau Server, the field was recognized as a date field type - and the calculated field failed because the function called against the field was invalid. As a test of this theory, can you verify if the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server are running the same SQL Server driver version (preferably the latest SQL Server driver)?

          2. The Tableau Server used a more recent driver than the user had on their Tableau Desktop machine. To resolve, please download the driver for the underlying data source from the drivers page of our website () and install that driver on both the Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server machine. Open the workbook in Tableau Desktop and then republish the workbook to Tableau Server.

          3. Users saved customized views of a previous version of this workbook referencing elements no longer available in the view. The solution for this scenario is to remove the customized views and re-publish the workbook.

          If this does not resolve the issue, I would recommend sending a request to our support team at support@tableausoftware.com.


          Hope this helps!



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            Paul Murray

            If there's another answer out there on this, I haven't seen it ...  seems like a long time since July.


            Anyway, what I have read all has something to do with SQL-server ... but that's not my problem.


            When I got this 'unable to display <sheet>  / sheet is invalid message', I had recently (day before) replaced a 'local' data connection with one on the server.  I had parameters that were loaded from fields from that data connection .. BUT, when it was a local connection.  So, I dumbed-down the viz from like 5 sheets to one and kept hammering away / removing data until there was no more dumbing to do .. and, still, it wouldn't publish correctly.

            Then, what seemed to work (might have been a combo of these 2 things) is:

            a) did a 'refresh' on that now-server-published-data-connection

            b) re-loaded all the parameters from the appropriate fields in the newly refreshed server-data-connection


            now, given the complexity of that viz, it'll take me a while to un-dumb it.  But, at least there's somethign OTHER than 'sheet is invalid' on the server-published version of the workbook



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              Rich Chen

              Thank you Paul, this was very helpful!

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                Rich Chen

                Thank you Tracy, it seems the issue has disappeared for now, I will definitely keep this in mind the next time this occurs!