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    Merging Two Dimensions

    Curtis Petersen

      Hoepfully, this is an easy one and I am too new at Tableau to know the answer....


      I have two dimensions in my dataset that I want to represent as one dimension. They both come from the same table on an Oracle db. I'm trying to have the engineers resolve this in the db, but for now I need a quick fix. The data is sensitive but essentially it is like I have a dimension for "City" and a dimension for "Village". If I show population by city, I'll have a big chunk listed as unknown because they are categorized under a village name instead of a city name. I also want to avoid having two columns (city and village) because I want City and Village to be part of a larger hierarchy (state, country).


      So how do I get all cities and villages to appear as one merged dimension


      Any thoughts? Your time is much appreciated.