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    Relating Measure Names



      I'm working with a data set that uses date as the primary dimension and various metrics such as "visits from social sources", "direct visits", "bounce rate for social sources" and "bounce rate for direct visits" as the measures.


      I've created a dashboard view which combines two spreadsheets:

      - visits by source

      - bounce rate by source


      What I want to do is be able to click on "social visits" in the one chart and have the "bounce rate from social sources" be highlighted in the second chart. I understand that I need actions to do this, but how do I let know Tableau know that "social visits" and "bounce rate from social sources" are related measures? How do I let it know that these two measures both relate to "social" traffic?


      Thank you!


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          It depends on how your data is structured. From your description it sounds like this should happen automatically - you click one measure and the other measure from the same row(s) in data is highlighted. You just need to create a highlight action from one sheet to the other.

          Post sample data if you are having difficulties.

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            I think that may be my problem, ultimately - the data is contained in different tabs in the Excel spreadsheet I imported. Do I need to rework my source data?

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              Depending on the structure of the data, you may be able to join the tabs into a single data source and then it should work - just use multiple tables option when connecting, each tab is a table. Otherwise, re-working the data is the next best thing.