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    "Other" grouping

    Karl Jensen

      I can't seem to make the 'Other' group 'stick' for a field.  And I'm unsure how to exclude the 'grouped' items from appearing on the graph and in the legend.              

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Karl,


          I am unsure what you mean when you say the 'Other' group won't 'stick' for a field. Would you be able to go into more detail and possibly post a screenshot or workbook (twbx file)?



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            Karl Jensen

            Hi Tracy.... I figured out a couple of things.. although it still seemed a little counterintuitive.  But I set up a group called 'Other Types' and that worked fine.  I then realized that to use the groups, I had to use the new dimension that the group created. 


            What I meant by 'stick' is that I just couldn't figure out how to assign values to 'Other'.  That's why I created my own called 'Other Types'.  I bet if I went back in now, I'd be able to figure this out. 


            Thanks for responding!!