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    IT support to business users of Tableau

    Philip George



      I have some queries regarding scope of Tableau in a service based company.


      1) I know  Tableau introduced to reduce the IT dependency to Business users. I work in a service based company( IT firm).A service based company make money by providing IT solutions to business.

      But in case of Tableau can anyone help me to  find out which are the different areas in which Tableau business users depends on IT.If you can help me with some specific points it will be really helpful for me.We are checking for why IT services providers  invest on tableau because we make money providing technical solutions.


      2)Which are the different business domains in which Tableau fits properly?



      Philip George

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Philip,


          For clarification of your question, are you asking how IT uses Tableau? Or in what capacity is IT needed for business users to use Tableau?



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            Philip George

            Thanks Tracy for checking the question.


            My query is in what capacity is IT needed for business users to use Tableau?


            As a service based company we will be providing IT solutions to Tableau business users.My concern is If business users can directly interact with Tableau we may not have any role in between Tableau and business users.


            Currently we are doing POC work only.We don't have actual project experience.So if you can explain me with a project experience it will be really helpful for me.



            Philip George

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              Russell Christopher

              Hey Phillip -


              I work with OEMs, solution integrators, and partners here at Tableau, so I'll take a stab at this from their viewpoint.


              The average business person knows more about his or her little slice of the world than you or I do - that's just a fact of life. They also generally know quite a bit about the data associated with their day-to-day duties -- they know which sources of data are trustworthy, which aren't, and they've identified the people and systems that create "good" vs. "bad" reports, etc.


              What that biz person probably doesn't know is how bring all this stuff together. They live in a manual, copy-and-paste into Excel world. Even their "best" data sources still tend to be dirty and could use a healthy dose of DQ.


              That's where you come in - you are the keepers of best practices - you help the business build a data model that makes sense for what they need to get accomplished. You help them lock down and administer Tableau Server. You also help them with more advanced report creation problems they run into. You'll be called on to assist with tuning reports when they aren't fast enough.


              What won't you do? You probably will not be building reports from scratch after your user base has been working with the tool for a couple weeks. You won't get ad-hoc change requests, either - users will do that on their own. There will be some"quick and dirty" and/or "throw away" data discovery projects that will get handled without your assistance.


              To be clear, you won't sit between the user and Tableau. Your role will shift from (report) production to data and system stewardship.


              Since even legacy BI vendors are trying to move in this direction (they see the writing on the wall), I suspect working with Tableau will be a feather in your cap - you'll be better prepared to deal with the evolving BI landscape than integrators and service providers who don't get familiar with more agile solutions like Tableau, Qlikview, Spotfire, etc.


              Hope this helps?

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                Philip George

                Thanks Russel.


                Can I summarize the points as below.


                Data quality checking.

                Building the datamodel

                Administering the Tableau server.

                Solving advanced report creation problems.

                Performance tuning of Tableau reports.


                If you can add some specific points to this it will be helpful for me.



                Philip George


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                  Russell Christopher

                  Sure thing.


                  Unfortunately, I can't get too much more specific - every customer is different, after all. Some of the items may be appropriate for your certain clients, others won't be.


                  You might add "user training" to this mix too. Even though we offer good, free online training, some orgs like to have an instructor in the room.