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    extract sign up date from list of events

      I have a MySQL table that contains a list of events. The table is something to the effect of:


      abc@abc.comsign_up<some date>
      abc@abc.comsign_in<some date>
      abc@abc.comsign_out<some date>
      abc@abc.com<some other action><some date>
      yuri@abc.comsign_in<some date>
      yuri@abc.com<some other action><some date>


      In short, the sign_up events are interleaved with other events in the table.


      I'd like to create a field, or at least some way to identify the users, based on their first sign_up date so I can group the users into cohorts based on the month they signed up. I tried creating a Calculated Field where I isolate for sign_up events, but it seems that if I use that field to find my cohorts, it removes all other events from the view (e.g. it seems to do something to the effect of an inner join). Is there any way for me to group the users into cohorts based on their sign up date without losing the other event information?

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          Joe Mako

          There are a few ways to accomplish this, some options include, modifying your data source prior to Tableau (either with ETL or custom SQL), using table calcs, or a data blend. More details about what you are dealing with and what you want to accomplish would help in choosing a route.


          How many distinct user_ids do you have?

          What is the the final analysis that you want to perform?