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    How can I calculate statistical significance versus control groups for pairs of cells?

    Brent Hartley

      Esteemed Community,


      I am migrating my recurring direct marketing campaign reporting to Tableau, which will surely introduce many improvements to the process.  However, I'm stuck on calculations involving pairs of cells to calculate statistical significance.  Here is how my table looks with the desired calculation superimposed:


      So you see there are pairs of cells, each with a Mail and Control cell.  Essentially I want this Significance calculation shown below to be done for each pair where the letter codes are the same:


      ABS((Mail Resp Rate – Ctrl Resp Rate) /

      (SQRT(((Mail Responses +  Ctrl Responses) /

      (# Mail + # Control)) *

      (1-((Mail Responses + Ctrl Responses)/

      (# Mail + # Control))) *

      (# Mail + # Control)/

      (# Mail * # Control))))


      These calculations would reset with each change in value of the Pair variable.  Notice I have it assigned to the Mail cell.  For extra credit, this needs to be done for the total, too. 


      Any ideas how I’d program that? 


      Thanks for any assistance!