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    Think Data Thursday Recording and Workbook

    Tracy Rodgers

      Hi All,


      Here is a recording of our first Think Data Thursday that took place today! Please feel free to share any feedback or list out subjects for our next one!



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          Joe Mako

          I watched the video (needed to download the Webex player), and reviewed the content.


          I have a great deal of feedback, please let me know when we can setup a time to discuss.


          As for the request for me to present, yes, I would be glad to.


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            Shawn Wallwork

            Cool Joe! Thanks,



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              Rama Kunaparaju

              Thanks Tracy! This is a very good start. Posting the video was helpful as i could watch it after missing the session.


              Yes, i agree that we should discuss the topic for presentation in the forums. That way you can know if someone wants to contribute their use case twbs, and tips and tricks.


              Thanks Jonathan for your contribution and looking forward to Joe's in the future.

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                Jonathan Drummey

                @Rama: Thanks!


                @Tracy: Thanks for posting the recording and workbook, I think this was a good start!


                I've had a chance to reflect about the webinar and I'd like the expectations and goals for each Think Data Thursday (TDT) vis-a-vis theory and practice to be clearer. I really want to know how and why Tableau does what it does, i.e. the theory, so I can make my mental models more accurate and be able to extend my models to related problems. And it's clear from the feedback from this first TDT that people want more real-world examples, i.e. more practice. I know from my own experience with training that it's impossible to satisfy everyone's needs all the time, and that one way to improve satisfaction is to be clear about what will be covered.


                So, for example, a session might cover sorting and provide ways to get a variety of sorts done, all the way from quick sort to using Tableau's alphanumeric sort on calculated field as the left-most hidden header. A different flavor of the session would include going more deeply into why one would choose one sort over another, and cover some of the idiosyncracies around different sorts, e.g. how a sort based on INDEX() can provide inconsistent results in sparse data sets. And, finally, a third flavor could be to get a deep brain dump from someone from the Tableau developer/consulting side like a Ross Bunker or from someone who has exercized that functionality to its limits like a Joe Mako (who taught me about the INDEX() issue).


                On a related note, I think setting an expectation in advance for suggested prerequisites around knowledge levels would also be useful, from "no experience necessary" on up to "I hack my own shapefiles in my sleep", (not that I'd know a shapefile if it bit me). It could also help to place the TDT within the context of the online training sessions, videos, and materials. Using the first TDT as an example, it would have been much different if knowing how to create the top 10 table calculation workbooks was a prerequisite.


                I imagine having materials in advance will help make both of these clear, and I look forward to more Think Data Thursdays!