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    Running totals starting from previous total

    Peter Connolly

      I have a range of data which covers May - July.


      When I graph the whole range, the figures are perfect - start from 0 on May 1st, up to 221 on July 27.


      When I graph the 'Month to date', which is more likely to be of use in some circumstances, it shows the range as from 3 on July 1st to 95 on July 27. This is fine for some purposes, but generally we just want to see the right-hand end of the YTD graph; i.e, I want July 1st to show me '129', and July 27 to show me '221'. The following image shows the data I'm getting now.



      I'm only a beginner, so I'm sure there's something simple I need to do to fix this calculation!




      Peter Connolly