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    Combining Columns

    Robert Hoekstra

      Each of my records in a particular dataset has three different data elements for Country (1, 2, 3).  For a given record, anywhere from none to all three could be populated.


      I am attempting to map counts of how many times a country shows up.  If a single record had three different countries listed, the count for each country should increase by one.  The display is just going to be a simple map with the value of each count by country.


      For example, if I had:


      RecordCountry 1Country 2Country 3


      I should get a map with values on each country:

      China 2

      India 2

      US 1

      UK 1

      Albania 1



      How do I combine the three fields into a single reporting field?  And then how do I map it?


      Note, that I can get it to map for a single one of these measures just fine.  It just does a Count(Country1) and displays on a map that has level of detail set to Country1.


      But I need it counted for all three columns.




      Thank you.