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    Place overlaying mark on matching band in stacked area graph?

    Nathan Lee



      I would like some advice on how to properly position some marks from an overlaying chart on a stacked area graph. Here is the basic description:


      • In chart A, I have a stacked area time series, showing sales:
        • Y-Axis: sales amount
        • X-Axis: time
        • Each stacked band is a different account
      • In chart B, I have Circle marks representing only by-account sales amounts significantly different from the prior 12 months of sales for that account. I did this by calculating a Z-score for the current month sales, and filtering out the Z-scores below an absolute value of 1.96. In this chart, I have circles:
        • Y-Axis: sales amount
        • X-Axis: time
        • Circle color: account, matching color of band in stacked area chart


      Here is a picture of what I have so far:two graphs.png


      The intention is to show a circle on top of the area graph band where the sales have had a significant change. However, if I overlay the charts, the circles appear against the absolute position on the Y-axis, relative to zero, instead of on top of their matching band in the stacked area graph. Picture here: blended.png


      Is there a way to have those circles appear on the tops of their respective bands?

      what I want.png



      Nathan C. Lee