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    Deploying distributed environment

    John Cantu


      I wanted to get feedback from the Tableau community of those who have successfully deployed Tableu Server in a distributed environment? Can you speak on how you set it up? Also, any downsides and/or issues encountered using distributed environment? Have you seen a significant difference in performance?


      Any feedback is appreciated.




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          We have a distributed server environment and so far performance has been great.  The distributed environment is 2 x 4 core virtual wintel servers with 16 GB of memory on each. We are actually looking to double capacity and are now looking to see if it's best to go with a virtual distributed environment or a single physical server with the # of cores and memory being equal among the two configurations.


          The only downside I've seen is that the distributed server requires that the non-primary server(s) are workers, meaning you often have to upgrade the worker separately when moving to a new version.  That's about the only downside though.