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    Multiple marks - single axis

    Sourabh Dasgupta

      If I have 3 measures in a blended axis (same axis), then is there anyway I can assign multiple mark types to these measures? I know we can use dual axis, but I need to assign separate mark types to all 3 measures. Is it possible? 

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Sourabh,


          There is currently no way to do this AND have them all on the same axis. This is a good one for the Ideas section!



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            Michael Kayton

            Update: Check out this thread: http://community.tableau.com/thread/119711

            Mutliple graphs and plotsThen download the example: http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/BarLineandDot/Example


            It looks like here's got a an OHLC type chart, dots, and lines all on one axis. Actually, these are all technically lines. Except he's controlling how they're drawn based on groupings, and controlling their sizes based on a conditional metric that uses flags in the data. View the data in the worksheet.


            A "line" can look line a dot when it's only a single point of data, in a group by itself. A "line" can look like a vertical bar when it's a group of two data points [(x, min_value), (x, max_value)]. Obviously a line is a group of data points.


            So, there you at least have three shapes. Using the same method you can probably create bar charts and polygons, if your data lends itself to such manipulation.


            My original answer below might not actually answer your question. But who knows...


            This question is a bit old now, but I'll answer for anyone else who stumbles across it. It is possible with a workaround.


            See here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/interactive/2011/nov/23/pay-annual-survey-hours-earnings-visualised


            A clever hack makes the above dashboard able to show different mark types (i.e. Gantt and shapes) on the same axis.


            Tracy's right, in terms of default functionality, it's not possible with a single axis chart. But you can make a dual axis chart look like a single axis chart by formatting out one of the axis so that it becomes invisible.


            The above viz actually has two axis - one on top and one at the bottom. They are synchronized, but the top axis is formatted in such a way that it's invisible. A few metrics are plotted as shapes (women's salary, men's salary, average, and the reference line). Whereas, the salary gap is shown as a Gantt chart (thus, multiple markers) on the second axis.


            The salary gap is created from the women's salary metric (so that it starts at the same value as the women's salary shape). It's then formatted as a Gantt and given a size equal to a ([men's salary] - [women's salary]) measure so that it stretches between the two shapes.


            So, there you have it. Now go forth and Use Your Illusion.