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    PieChart - Data Label Formatting

    Joseph Pirraglia

      I am trying to play around with a piechart in the attached TWBX from the Tableau sample dataset. Is there any way to get the piechart in the tableau file to look like the piecharts in the attached PDF?


      I am trying to concatenate labels together to show on the pie chart. Examples would be a "Dimension, Measure" (Technology, 40%) or Measures "Dollars, Percent" ($6.0, 40%) and have them always be center with the chart. Basically, multiple labels for an item in a chart.


      I know you can annotate or mark it but I found it difficult to get the label to look how I want it to look everytime the data for the chart is filtered. I want both labels to show up in the center of the piechart like in the attached PDF. I have to move them each time I change the chart so that they are always in the center. Is there a way to make these labels a bit more dynamic?


      Thank you,