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    Calculation is 'valid' but Calculated Member does not appear

      I'm new to Tableau and trying to create a calculated member.


      My calculation simply selects the last 4 characters.of an account number. (e.g. '000-1234-5555' becomes '5555'). I'm using the 'Calculated Members...' dialog box to do this. After I enter my formula and click the 'Check Formula' feature, Tableau says that my calculation is 'valid'. However, when I click 'OK' and exit the dialog box I don't see my new calculated member anywhere in the dimension window.


      The formula I've entered is:

      right([Sales History].[Account Number].Currentmember,4)


      The screen print below shows the Calculated member dialog box and the dimensions/hierarchies on the left. I've tried assigning this calculation to both the 'Statement Format' hierarchy and also to the dimension value 'Account Number' which has no hierarchy. In both cases the formula is shown as valid but nothing appears when I click the 'OK' button. Thanks for any help you can give on why I don't see my calculation in the dimensions window or on the report after I exit the dialog box.