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    Use Action in Calculated Field

    Karl Jensen

      What I am trying to do is allow the user to select a given provider from a graph and drill through to a page that gives detail for that provider.  That is easy using actions.  However, what I would like to also do is have a trend graph so that the user can see how the provider is doing over time.... AND compare them to all providers combined.  I can create two graphs - one for the provider selected and another that combines them all together, but sometimes the date range for the one provider is different than that of all providers (in the case of those who drop off or come on later).


      So, it would be ideal to combine them in the same chart, with two different lines.  The problem is, if I use an action, it filters for the provider.  Then I no longer have the data for all the other providers.


      If I could use the Action in a Calculated Field, then instead of using it in the Filter, I could include all the data and have two lines based on if the provider is equal to the user selected provider, and another one that includes all data points.


      Is there a better way to do this??