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    How can you dynamically change a mark type

    Andrew Norris



      How do you dynamically change a mark. For example if I have a measure - and the value keep going up - then I display an up arrrow mark. I can control the colour of this arrow using a calculation i.e. I can change the colour of the arrows to green or red , but I am not sure how to change the arrow to a down arrow when required.


      How can this be done.





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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Andrew -


          You should base the shape on the output of a calculated field, not your actual measure. Then you can take full control over what you want to see.


          For example:


          If [Measure] > 1000 Then "Good"

              elseif [Measure] >500 AND [Measure} < 1000 "OK"





          In the expression above, we now to expect one of three values. We can drag this field to our Shapes shelf, and code each string (Good, OK, Stinky) to a specific shape.


          Hope this helps!