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    Can Tableau Server V6.0 password contain non-alphanumric characters?



      I'm new to Tableau and have a task to move Tableau Server V6.0 from a traditional physical Microsoft Server to an Virtual Machine (VM) VMWare environment.  The configuration allows for using active directory to login on to Tableau Server.  Using MS active directory, couple with the policy for password, the password will need to contain non-alphanumeric characters, such as @, #, !, etc.   


      Unfortunately, when login to Tableau Server, I kept getting "Invalid user and password" error.   It is surely that the user has been authenticated by the Active Directory, and it is impossible that the user and password are incorrect.  Hence, I was wondering if Tableau Server Version 6.0.x (x >= 1) can handle non-aphphanumeric character in the password. 


      I appreciate any help.




      My C.