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    How best to compare results to a prior period to identify changes from prior period

      I've got a data load process where I take a snapshot of the current sales funnel each week, and append that to a single table that houses all of the weekly snapshots. I then built a report (below) to identify sales opportunities that changed over time (using a table calc) so for example, record "9909PD1563" has forecasted sales in Year 1 of $1.5mm in 7/12, but then went to $0 the following week (7/20).


      My ideal report would ONLY show record sets like this that experienced a change.

      1) How would I apply a filter to EXCLUDE any records where the "Difference in SALESYEAR1 from the Previous along Pane (Down)" calc is NULL or 0?

      2) I'm certain someone's presented data like this before...what are better ways to present such data other than a table?