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    extract is saved to some temp folder automatically and how to update other workbook connected to the extract?

    Jing Lu

      I created a master workbook and connected to MySQL database, I imported all data and created an extract and put it in dropbox. I saved this master workbook as a packaged workbook.


      When some data are updated in MySQL, I right clicked the database in master Tableau--extract--refresh, and the data can be updated to current date. I also have several workbook connect to this extract but they are not updated. I right clicked the extract and chose property, it showed it connected to some place I do not know. I edited the connect and referred to the extract in dropbox but it does not work. Then  I checked the master workbook by right clicking the database, extract--properties, the path is like: "C:\user\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2....". It is not the folder where I put the extract. The extract in dropbox where I original put is not updated today but the date is the day I created it. I think it updated on the extract in the temp folder somewhere.


      Does anyone know why this temp extract was created and changed my original connection? How should I create master workbook to avoid this problem? How to update other workbook which connect to the extract?


      Thank you