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    Tableau Public Downtime? July 2012

    Alex Lea



      I've been trying to publish a workbook to Tableau public for a couple of days now (not continuously!) and each time it comes up with the following error:


      Is there a problem with Public, or is it (more likely) something to do with my workbook? I'm using 7.0, I've got a live data connection, but the data is less than 100k rows. I've uploaded workbooks before without any issues.


      My Internet connection is fine. Had a look around the website and there's not notice of planned downtime.


      Any suggestions?





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          Alex Lea

          Just to update anyone who's stumbled over this post, Tableau have been in touch (see below). Public servers are temporarily down as of 1153 GMT:




          "Thank you for contacting Tableau Support.


          It appears that the Tableau Public Servers are temporarily unavailable. I attempted to publish a workbook just now and was prompted with the attached message (also below):


          Saving to Tableau Public is temporarily unavailable.Due to overwhelming traffic on our servers, saving to Tableau Public is temporarily disabled. We appreciate your patience as we work to get this fixed. Please try again later.


          Please try to publish in a few hours and thank you for your patience."