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    filtering out the zero differences

    Craig Dewar

      I have a requirement to compare project classifications across reporting periods - and show only those projects that have a different status to last month.  (i.e. filter out projects that have not changed status)

      I have set up a field that converts classification strings to numbers.  I have then set up a 'Difference From' table calc to show visually the projects that have up or down movements.

      However, when trying to filter out projects where difference = zero - I just cant crack it.

      I have tried doing an 'at most' = -1 filter - but get some wierd results - with the projects that have a positive movement showing up as well - but without their visual indicator, and vice versa.

      I have tried to do an ABS(.....) version of the Difference calc - so I can get rid of the zeros - but with results that do not make sense.

      I'm happy to have two views - one for the postive movements, and one for the negative - but would prefer one view.


      Have attached a jpg screenshot, the twb and the xlsx datasource FYI.


      Hoping some very clever Tableau guru can rise to the challenge on this one for me!!!!