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    Filter - Use value vs Label

    R K

      We work with moderate volumes of data (300M-500M) in our fact table using tableau as a front-end. We provide options to the end users to be able to filter on Dimension names.

      An example is an Orders table with Product Key and a Product table with Product Key and Product Name. We always want the end users to be able to select filters on the Product name, but would like the filter happening on the Order table Product Key.Filtering on Product Key in Fact provides the data orders of magnitude faster than filtering on Product Name in the dimension table.


      One of the way we have done in some of the applications is to use Product Key as the value and Product Name as label while the user is selecting. Is there an option in tableau that provides similar functionality. Appreciate any alternatives.

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          You can do something similar in Tableau using aliases. The idea is to use, say, Product Key for filtering, but instead of the product key number, display it's alias, which will be product name.

          Unfortunately, assigning aliases is a manual process, so this would only make sense if there are not too many distinct values in the field.


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            R K

            Thank you. As you mentioned it is not feasible with lot of values or when we keep adding values to the dimension. As per tableau there is no way to do this currently. I asked for a feature request, as this makes tremendous improvements in some of the case where we work with millions or rows of data.