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    Reverting to Previous Version of Reader?

    Shawn Wallwork

      Our team is having a debate about how often to ask our clients to update to the newest version of Reader. The IT folks don't want to pester our clients with needless updates. The 7.0.5 version had a problem where if you updated Desktop and created a workbook it wouldn't display properly in the earlier version of Reader, so we 'pestered' our clients to update. Since 7.0.6 followed on so quickly (no please don't slow them down) I am now getting push-back from my team.


      Question #1: I was getting "unexpected exit" events (crashes) with 7.0.5 so I upgraded both my Desktop and Reader to 7.0.6 Now I'm being asked to revert my Reader to 7.0.5 so I can test my 7.0.6 workbooks to see if they will work with earlier versions. The Alternate Download site does NOT have any of the previous versions of Reader. Where can I get 7.0.5 Reader download?


      Question #2: Is anyone using Desktop 7.0.6 and viewing workbooks in 7.0.5? Have you encountered any compatibility problems?





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          Shawn Wallwork

          Sorry to say here is the response I got from customer support:


          Greetings Shawn,


          I’m sorry to say that Tableau does not provide prior versions of Tableau Reader. If you have access to your Tableau Customer Portal, you will find prior versions of our paid, supported Desktop and Server applications.


          If you have any additional questions, please let us know and we will be happy to help.


          Best regards,


          Dustin McIntyre

          Customer Service Representative

          Tableau Software


          Dustin, thanks for the quick response, but not real happy with the answer. If all of your versions were truly backwardly compatible for both Desktop and Reader this would not be an issue at all. Unfortunately, this is not the case.


          In the future I will save all my install.exe files so I don't have to count on Tableau's generosity.



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            Shawn Wallwork

            Russell gets my vote for best (most generous!) Tableau employee for the day! He just provided the needed file off-line (too big to post here). Thanks again Russell, you're a Prince.




            PS: Tracy is certainly a close second.

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              Tim Latendress

              I feel that this is a significant shortcoming as well. And I am a bit confused as to why it can't be done on the Customer site. At the rate these updates come out -- almost monthly -- it is impossible for us to keep things in synch with an agency-wide deployment of Reader (3000+ desktops). There is no way our IT shop would push an updated reader agency-wide monthly -- I'm lucky if we can do it every six months. So our power users desktops are nearly always out of synch with the reader.


              It would be extremely helpful for us to have a place on the Tableau Customer site where we can grab the same version of Desktop and Reader would be very helpful.




              P.S. Glad you got some help Shawn!

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                Shawn Wallwork

                Ha! "...every six months" was exactly what my IT folks were pushing for. It must be some sort of standard. Not sure I agree with it -- I think the world is getting faster than Moore's Law, and youngish software should be given a bit of a break. But thanks Tim, good to know I'm not the only one fighting this particular battle.