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    How to index() in a selected year and then filter on the line graph?

    Li Chang

      Hi, all:


      I tried to create a line graph showing 2010 to 2011 monthly sales of 2011 top 5 products, with attached coffee chain data set as an example. In sheet 1, top 5 sales products in 2011 are Colombian, Lemon, Caffe Mocha, Decaf Espresso, Chamomile. But on the second sheet "Index restart at month" using Index() computing at the level of product and restarting at month do not give the right products. When I tried in the third sheet "Index restart at year", it gave right products but there is a line in between the year. I am wondering if there is a way to either 1) on second sheet, index only 2011 sales, or 2) on third sheet, remove the partition line? Your insights are much appreciated in advance!


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