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    Using Data Server within production and test environments

    Sam Gechter

      I tried out Data Server for the first time and found something a little tricky. We've got three installs of Tableau Server:

      Development - where we evaluate Tableau releases for bugs and incompatibilities with workbooks

      Test - where we test new workbooks or changes to workbooks

      Production - live workbooks for our customers


      I have a workbook with many data sources. I published one of the data sources to the dev server. I then published this workbook to the dev server. It appears now that I can't change what server I'm logged into to publish the same workbook to test or production. Logging into the server happens when opening the workbook, but the server address is dimmed and not editable. Under the server menu, log off is dimmed. Have other folks who use multiple environments ran into a similar issue? Are you using Data Server?


      It also seems like if we wanted to use Data Server in this type of setup, we would also have to maintain the consistency of the published data sources across all three environments by downloading them from one server, opening them each in a blank workbook, and then publishing them to the other environments. Do other folks have thoughts about clean ways to manage this? It seems like this might add as much work as it saves.




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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Sam,


          You've pretty much nailed it. A published report can only rely on a Data Server data source which lives on the same server.


          In your scenario, it sounds like you want to take a dev workbook with a datasource sitting in dev, and publish that sucker to test.


          You can edit the data source in your "dev" workbook, and point it at the same data source in "test" (assuming it's already there). At that point, you're automatically logged out of the dev server and into the test server. You may "re-publish" to test at this point.

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            Sam Gechter

            Thanks Russell. I hadn't noticed the change logon button in the edit data source dialog for the published data source. Like you said, you can change the logon, but have to have the other data source already on the server you're changing the logon to.


            Sounds like data server is really helpful for some, but not so much for people with lots of workbooks with multiple data sources, published across multiple environments. Having to change a dozen data sources in a workbook when switching environments would slow things down to much. Now if you could select them all at once, and change the server in one setting, that would be cool. But you'd also need a quick way to move lots of datasources from one server to another as well.


            Thanks again for the help.



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              Russell Christopher

              Sure thing. Your problem actually made me realize that we should consider adding the ability to "get" a data source from a server with our command-line tool, TabCmd.


              You can use it to do things like get a workbook from a server and publish it elsewhere...and in your scenario it would be helpful just to script out a "get" of a data source from test/dev/whatever, and a "publish" of said datasource to a different enviornment.


              I've made a feature request . If you see it in the product, I owe you a t-shirt!