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    passing calculated fields to another calculated field

    Ryan Pagila

      Is there a limitation to passing a calculated field into another calculated field?  Here is my example.


      First, I have two parameters called AsOfDate and TransactionPeriod, which a user selects.  The list values for TransactionPeriod are
      Day, Week, Month, Quarter, and Year.


      Step 1:

      I created a calculated field called LastYearPeriodEndDate


      IF [TransactionDate]= [AsOfDate] Then [SameDateLastYear] END


      Step 2:

      I created another calculated field to give me LastYearPeriodBeginDate using



      case [TransactionPeriod]

      when 'Day' then dateadd('day',0,[LastYearPeriodEndDate])

      when 'Week' then dateadd('day',1,dateadd('day',-7,[LastYearPeriodEndDate]))

      when 'Month' then dateadd('day',1,dateadd('month',-1,[LastYearPeriodEndDate]))

      when 'Quarter' then dateadd('day',1,dateadd('month',-3,[LastYearPeriodEndDate]))

      when 'Year' then dateadd('day',1,dateadd('month',-12,[LastYearPeriodEndDate]))



      Step 3:

      I then pass LastYearPeriodEndDate and LastYearPeriodBeginDate into another calculated field to get me LastYearPeriodRange


      if [TransactionDate] <= [LastYearPeriodEndDate] and [TransactionDate]  >= [LastYearPeriodBeginDate]

      then 1 else 0



      LastYearPeriodEndDate and LastYearPeriodBeginDate are showing the correct results as expected but LastYearPeriodRange
      only results with 0’s.

      I expect to see records with LastYearPeriodRange =1 which will denote this transaction record falls between within the TransactionPeriod. 


      Does anyone have any thoughts?  Please let me know if I can clarify anything.