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    Unexpected result when selecting "keep only" on a viz


      Hello esteemed tableauists,


      I have a problem that will be slightly difficult in conveying.

      View Data.JPG

      The image above shows that the sum of my back orders is 5141. When I examine the underlying data, it shows two records of 30 each... (its actually a duplicate in essence; from two different data sources).


      Underlying Data.JPG

      So i should really just have 30 for the quantity on back order. After trying to resolve this issue by table calculations, I decided to just "keep only"

      Keep only.JPG


      And then when I do this, i get the following


      Filter results in less.JPG


      The view changes to 30. Any idea why this is happening? I am trying to understand the how, instead of powering through and settling with a outcome.


      ...weird huh?    

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          I recreated the viz without the table joins to see how the data looks unadulterated: Pretty much the data corresponds to the actual values shown above. When viewing the underlying data there are 32 records, compared to the 2 records shown in my prior posting.


          Underlying Data 2.JPG


          I am guessing that the problem i am having stems from using a table calculation? Anyone have any idea on how to make the actual underlying data appear?