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    Can Exclude and Keep Only be turned off by default?

    Michael Mixon



      As a user of Desktop, I find the Exclude and Keep Only functions very useful, since I can quickly edit or remove those choices via the filter shelf.  But I've never really understood why they exist in Reader or Server, since a) a user can't access the filter shelf to edit or change what they've kept or excluded, and b) the item(s) select for Keep Only or Exclude don't consistently update any relevant quick filters on the page (i.e. if I say Keep Only on a chart with Region and Segment, only one of those quick filters will reflect the filtered value...the other will still show all). 


      So, in short, if a user clicks on Exclude or Keep Only, the only way they can undo this choice is to go back however many clicks or re-set the view, neither terribly user-friendly options.  What I find I have to do now in version 7, which has Keep Only and Exclude on every tool-tip by default, is turn those selections off on every chart I've added to a dashboard -- very time-consuming.  A global on/off would be nice, or just turn these options off by default when publishing (just like View Data is disabled as an option in Reader) since I really see little use for them outside of Desktop.