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    Dashboard Catalogue using PostgreSQL data

    Jason Scarlett

      I had the idea of creating a workbook catalogue using the Server's backend database. By joining the _workbooks and _views tables and accessing the 'caption' field of a view I was hoping to create a catalogue of each workbook with the 'caption' being used as a description.


      The end results would be a dashboard that the user can select a publisher and see a list of their workbooks with a one paragraph description of the workbook. The publisher/workbook/caption would all be driven from the PostgreSQL data.


      Two problems:

      1. I was planning on forcing each workbook to contain a dashboard called 'background' ... this would contain details about the entire workbook and also a 'caption' that would be used in the summary catalogue. The problem is that it doesn't seem that a dashboard can contain a caption. Is this true?
      2. Plan B was to use a dummy worksheet and insert the caption there. This works, but the dummy worksheet must be 'visible' the the end user for it to be included in the PostgreSQL data. Is there a way to access the caption of a workbook that has not bee made visible?


      Any other recommendations for automating a simple dashbaord catalogue woud be welcome!