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    controlling legends and map options

    Raoul Leblanc

      I am using a number of Tableau files, which have anywhere from 15-20 worksheets.  My problem is that I cannot figure out how to control the appearance (and disappearance!) of the legends (color, shape, etc).  They seem to sometimes be there and then the next time I open the file, they are not shown, and I have to go back and manually reset the ones I want.  I am sure there is a simple system to controlling which cards appear and how to set this permanently, but I cannot seem to find it in the knowledge base.


      Also, I use many maps and every time I open the file, Tableau insists on showing the Map Options card.  I need it maybe 1 percent of the time, and know where to find it if i do.  I need the real estate.  How can I get it to stop appearing?