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    Presenting dashboard over projector screen

    Jason Back

      Hello all,


      So I want to present dashbaord to a few people in my company and I am having a hard time with display settings.


      I formated the dashboard to fit in my work screen which is 1680x1050 (bigger monitor connected to my laptop).  But when I take out my laptop and use projector, obvisouly the display setting showing on projector screen according to my laptop which is 1366x768.


      The examples are attached and it shows how my dashboard is messed up on 1366x768 display setting. I tried to change the resoultion back to 1680x1050 on my laptop and when I am plugged to projector but it does not work.  Is there a solution to this?  I guess this might not be an issue when showing dashboard over server or public but I am using Tableau desktop.




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          Tim Latendress

          Hi Jason,


          The issue is that your laptop resolution settings are changing due to the projector. It's not a Tableau issue. So, while you are connected to the projector you should right-click on the Windows Desktop, select Properties, then the Settings tab and change the screen resolution until your dashboard comes back looking like it should. This is a very common (and frustrating) problem with projectors -- and each projector functions differently.


          Hope this helps.



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            Jason Back

            Yeah, I alreadt tried changin the resolution but I cant go any higer than 1366X768 on my laptop.

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Hi Jason,


              So what's 'messing up' your dashboard is that you're changing aspect ratios as well as resolution. Your big monitor is an 8:5 ratio, while your laptop is a 16:9 ratio. (FYI, the most common projectors have a 4:3 ratio. WebEx sessions are also 4:3)




              Here's the full chart of resolutions/aspect ratios. The best we've figured out how to deal with this is to design to the lowest common denominator (and/or build two different versions of the workbooks, arrguhhh!).


              If you adjust your dashboard to look good on the projector and then set the \File\Page Setup... Dashboard size to that Exact Size it will lock the dashboard in. While this may leave extra space in other aspect ratios/resolutions, and/or create a single set of bottom & side scroll bars, it won't create lots of little scroll bars. You might also get the range option to work for you. Just make sure you do a lot of testing!


              Also make sure you trim your Exact Size to allow for the space the Windows task bars and Tableau's menus take up. For instance for monitors with a 1600x900 resolution, 1590x740 seems to work best and usually doesn't create any scroll bars. But like I said, test, test, test...




              By the way, I have a dual monitor set-up with one monitor that displays 16:9 and the other displays 4:3. They don't line up, and it takes a bit of getting use to, but they are great for testing the various resolutions/aspect ratios our clients have. It sure would be nice if Tableau was a bit more like Power Point when it comes to dealing with different sizes.

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                Jonathan Drummey

                Hi Shawn,


                I'm just starting to deal with resizing issues, thanks for this post!



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                  Tim Latendress

                  This is very helpful. Thanks Shawn!


                  -- Tim