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    Display Filtered and Non-Filtered Measures on the Same Graph

      Hi All:


      My boyfriend is working on his PHD dissertation and I think we have a pretty easy question that I am struggling with.


      He is tracking the number of utterances created on a device over a period of a day.  For each day, we need to show the running total of everything that was said (easy) then, we would like to overlay another aggregation that shows the same time period, but how often a specific subset of those words are spoken.


      I have tried everything I can think of to do this filtered aggregation. Picture of the two data sets is below.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you!!

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          Jason Scarlett

          I'm sure there are multiple ways to do this.

          1. I would create two calculations (one for each with the filter built into the 'if' statement).  I'm not sure what defines 'total utterances' vs 'core vocabulary' so hopefully the calculation isn't too complicated.
          2. Add them to the same worksheet
          3. On one of the 'pills' use the small down arrow and select 'dual-axis'

          The two measures should now be on the same chart. It also seems reasonable to 'synchronize' the axis so the scales are the same.

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            Andrew Watson

            You can also duplicate the datasource. Take the utterances and the time field you want to be able filter from the 'master' date source and the 'constant/static looking at everything' utterances from the duplicate. These will join automatically where you need them to join. As above put them on one worksheet and dual axis the chart. It's not possible to filter the duplicate so it remains static regardless of what filters you apply using the master.


            If this isn't clear or you run into trouble post a workbook and I'll do it for you.