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    Include action after Exclude action

    John Liska

      Sorry for the rookie question here, I'm sure there's an obvious answer I'm missing.


      I have a parameter control that I've added to my worksheet. Depending on the selection of this parameter control it shows the corresponding values on a scatter plot. For example, if the user selects Vendor from the parameter control I will see the following vendors on the scatter plot:

      ABC Co.

      JKL Inc.

      XYZ & Sons


      If I right-click on "ABC Co." I have the option to Exclude this value from the scatter plot, which leaves me with just "JKL Inc." and "XYZ & Sons", which works fine. I look at the results, but then I want to go back to seeing all 3 values on the scatter plot. However, neither in the scatter plot itself nor in the color legend do I see an option to "Include All" or "Remove All Exclusions" or something similar where I can go back to the original state. The issue is that the end user may forget they've excluded a value(s) and then think the corresponding scatter plot shows the entire data set. I want to make sure there's a way to roll back to including everything.


      Is there a simple way to do this? Thanks in advance.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi John,


          My best solution for this would probably be to show the quick filter for whatever the calculation is that uses the parameter. The quick filter will automatically update with the members of whatever is selected in the parameter.


          Hope this helps!



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            Russell Lamb

            I'm having a similar issue.  I have a dashboard with several actions that filter other sheets on the dashboard.  I tried Tracy's suggestion but that doesn't work too well.  If I show the quick filter I can see the excluded items have a strike through them like this.  If I include the item that has been excluded, that breaks the action filter. 


            Is there something that I'm missing that could make this solution work for my situation?

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              John Liska

              Thanks Tracy. Essentially what I'm looking for is the standard option where a user right-clicks on value, then selects the option to "Hide". If the user right-clicks again there is an option for "Show Hidden Data". I am able to expose this functionality since the I put the parameter values on the color shelf of my scatter plot, so that's definitely a big help.


              It would be even better if users could do this same thing in the scatter plot itself: select a point, right-click, select "Hide". Then, at any point later on, right-click anywhere in the scatter plot and select "Show Hidden Data."

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                Alina Sobinina

                Hi John,


                I ran into the same functionality need. So far no good solutions especially when a workbook has been published and viewers start excluding points. Revert all is a workaround, but it resets all the filters and does not show how many Exclude points have been made.

                I've created Idea (didn't look like one existed, of course I could have just missed it) for this request: http://community.tableau.com/ideas/1680 feel free to vote on it if that is still something of interest/need to you.



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                  Fred Bretschneider

                  I believe that this is a very necessary option. Its way too misleading to the end-user of a published worksheet. There is nothing that tells them that there is excluded data and nowhere to bring back excluded data. I like being able to exclude data, especially with barcharts where you can focus in by eliminating an extreme case. It would be nice to un-exclude.

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                    Diane Nugent

                    I realize this thread is an old one, but I have the same problem today!  The link to the idea is no longer valid.  Has the option to undo and Exclude been made available in version 9?

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                      Komal P

                      you can see the excluded values in filter pane as "Exclusions()", and once you remove it, you can see all values. This is in Tableau 9

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