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    How did they add a reference line to "Dimension" without axis?

    Chuan Huang

      Joe introduced this post to us and I downloaded the twbx file in the example. I cannot figure out how they added a reference line to "Region"(dimension). When you right click the y axis (it is Region in this example), there is no option for "add reference line", but they did add reference line to a dimension axis. Usually we can only add reference line to measures,  I'm wondering how they are able to add it to a dimension?


      Here is the post and the txbx file is attached






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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hello Chuan,


          I've learned a lot from parsing through  Andy Cotgreave workbooks, they demonstrate some lovely formatting techniques. You are correct in that reference lines are added to measures, in particular, the axes that measures create. The trick here is that the axis has been hidden, and once the axis is hidden there is only one way to edit the reference line is to find the reference line (which in this view has also been hidden), that can be done but there's an easier way: Unhide the axis.


          You do that by right-clicking on the axis pill (or left-clicking on the drop-down area on the right-hand side of the pill) and choosing the Show Header option from the context menu:

          Screen Shot 2012-07-13 at 5.35.26 AM.PNG


          Then the axis tick marks and title appear, you can right-click on the tick marks to edit the reference line, etc.


          Alternatively, if you know a reference line is there, you can click on the reference line, which turns the (hidden) line red, then right-click on one of the lines to get the context menu where you can edit the reference line, like so:


          Screen Shot 2012-07-13 at 5.36.25 AM.PNG





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            Chuan Huang

            Thanks very much, Jonathan! It works now~