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    Hiding the embed code on a viz

    Chris Jokel

      After a dashboard has been published there is a "Share" button in the lower left corner that allows viewers to obtain the e-mail link or embed code for the dashboard.


      Although sharing a viz and getting the word out is a good thing and promotes recognition (via e-mail link), there are times when an organization would rather maintain control over where it appears on the web (via embed code).


      Is it possible to prevent the embed code from appearing in "Share"?  There are a couple of reasons behind this:


      1. The whole purpose of using Tableau to create visually interesting dashboards was to drive traffic to our site.  If viewers can simply copy the embed code they may splinter some of the traffic to their own sites, which would defeat our being the sole provider for the information displayed within the dashboard.


      2. With the dashboard embedded on multiple pages across the web, it is possible that the total view counts will eventually increase beyond our current limit and we will either be charged overage fees or have to buy additional blocks of views.


      *EDIT: Application is Tableau Digital