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    PostgreSQL Timestamps

    Andy Dennison

      It's very possible I'm just doing something stupid, but I seem to have an issue with PostgreSQL connections in Tableau. I'm Tableau 7.0.6 and I'm working with a query with a PostgreSQL timestamp with timezone. When I query Postgres directly, the query returns times in my current timezone, but when I do it as a data connection in Tableau it is still UTC.


      Has anyone seen this? Does Tableau just not support the timezone functionality in Postgres timestamps and I have to do all the subtraction in my SQL?

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          Rob Mitchell

          Seems like the same issue we just starting having after our 7.0.6 update.  The Data Update date is showing with the GMT time after an extract is generated by Tableau.  If the query is live it works correctly which led us to the postgres db.


          Is this a known issue? 



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            Andy Dennison

            Just as an update on mine, my temporary workaround (since I'm pretty convinced now this is a Tableau issue) is to explicitly identify the timezone in my SQL like so:


            (R_Plan.C_FcstPrd) AT TIME ZONE 'America/New_York' AS "TimeStamp",


            The problem is I also have a where clause where I am trying to only retrieve the current day's data from a big table, and trying to do the above kills the indexing (like wrapping a function around a field). So I have to pull down two days to make sure I get all of "Today in EST" and then filter it in the Tableau itself using the Timestamp field. Definitely not ideal.

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              Tracy Rodgers

              Hi Andy and Rob,


              I believe this is a known issue that is scheduled to be resolved in an upcoming release. You can subscribe to our RSS feed to get news of releases as they are made available here:





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                Rob Mitchell

                Yeah that's a good workaround but we've got so many legacy dashboards that it's not possible for us to go back over all of them.


                I've noticed that Now() also works as a temporary fix. Just create a calculated field with just Now() and drop it on your level of detail as an attribute.  It'll be available for you to use as an update date.  It seems to query the times correctly as of the correct update time. 


                Seems like it's just the <Data Update Field> that is returning without taking into account the local timestamp.

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                  Rob Mitchell

                  Thanks for letting us know Tracy.  Do we have a timeline?  


                  I wasn't sure if anyone was watching this thread because there wasn't a response to Andy letting him know it was known.


                  Thanks again.

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                    Tracy Rodgers

                    We try to get as many threads answered as possible, but sometimes we can't get to them all--so giving this the extra bump caught my eye!


                    The best timeline I can give is that it should be in the next release--however, I can't say when that will be or make any promises in case something changes for unforeseen reasons!